Healing Through Horses

By: Katie Jones, CVT

healing_horses1Every once in awhile, someone walks into your life who truly touches you; I had that honor when I met Jane Karpe from Healing Through Horses. After only a few minutes into our conversation, I could feel her deep passion for directly working with the kids who come to her farm and how she wants to make a positive impact in their life. Jane and her family own Roselawn Stables, the longest running horse camp in Minnesota. They opened their doors in 1989 to kids all over the metro area for summer camps offering opportunities to experience the joy of working with horses. From her deep seated passion for helping youth, Jane created the organization Healing Through Horses.

Healing Through Horses is a 501c3 charitable, non-profit organization that provides at-risk youth a place to gain life experiences through horses. Who are at-risk youth? The at-risk youth Jane meets are youth from broken homes or crime, are unguided, dealing with anger/aggression, poverty, bullying, eating disorders, or so much more. Roselawn offers them a safe haven through a program with a stable learning environment, all while providing adventures with horses.

Why horses? Horses are extremely responsive to human emotions while providing opportunities for people to grow. They can teach people self confidence, how to deal with disappointment, and to develop trust. They are living creatures who can be physically touched and will touch hearts back.

Healing Through Horses offers many different opportunities to create a bound with a healing_through_horseshorse. Their summer camps provide disadvantaged youth the opportunity to participate in a week long horseback riding program focused on learning safety, basic horse care needs, self discipline, and respect not only for the horse but for themselves. At the end of this week, they have the chance to show off their new riding skills to family and friends. Healing Through Horses also offers a one day camp or a longer Equestrian Team program. The Equestrian Team is a six month commitment with group lessons and a monthly Fun Show. In addition to their personal horse development, they also help mentor fellow youth and their horses when they assist with the different camps. Many times, the individuals involved in the Equestrian Team will remain in the program for several years, ultimately becoming family, not just students.

Through their 25 years of helping at-risk youth, Healing Through Horses has many success stories and have created many lasting bounds. In order to continue to create life-changing experiences, they need support from people like us. If you are interested in learning more about Healing Through Horses or how you can help support this amazing group, please visit their website.