Are you new to Anoka Equine?

If you are new to using Anoka Equine as your primary veterinarian, welcome!   If you have been one of our amazing clients for many years, this may be a good chance to see what else we can offer you and your horse. Here is a little information about our clinic and some valuable resources that Anoka Equine offers.

DaveAnoka Equine provides on-farm services for routine preventative maintenance procedures, investigation of health concerns, and 24-hour emergency care. We maintain seven full service mobile units that cover our 35 mile radius around Elk River. Routine procedures in the field include: vaccinations, deworming, maintenance dental care, health certificates and passport examinations, pre-purchase exams, and Coggins testing. Many other health concerns can arise out at the barn and our doctors are prepared to evaluate them as well; examples are: lamenesses, illness, reproductive issues, ophthalmic injuries, and emergency situations (such as colics and lacerations). After an evaluation is completed on your horse, the doctor will administer the appropriate treatments, and if deemed necessary, discuss the option of referring your horse into the clinic for more intensive care and/or diagnostics. We currently possess a portable digital x-ray machine and ultrasound units to help with diagnostics on the farm.  Lastly, procedures commonly done in the field may include: physical exam evaluations, administration of medications, laceration repairs, superficial tumor removals, castrations, wound care, hoof injuries and abscess care, and joint injections. Our in-house laboratory allows our veterinarians to bring blood and other samples back to the clinic for quick results to expedite diagnosis and treatment options.


wellness-programAnoka Equine Veterinary Services offers two programs throughout the year your horse can be a part of. Firstly, our Wellness Program; it is a comprehensive program which combines our recommended routine health care checks for horses in the area at a greatly reduced cost. Enrollment in this program begins at the being of each year and payments are made at each individual vet visit (no upfront cost). For detailed information on the options this program can offer, please visit our website. Secondly, we offer Preventative Care Days from March to May on select dates. These specific dates are released in late February. For detailed information on our Wellness Programs and Preventative Care Days please visit our website; dates for the coming year’s Preventative Care Days are released in February.


088_anoka-equine_2012Anoka Equine Veterinary Services sends out a bi-annual newsletter to our clients via emails. This e-newsletter contains articles  pertaining to case studies and invitations to up-coming events hosted by Anoka Equine. In addition, if you sign up for our newsletter you will also receive equine outbreak information reported in Minnesota. We want to make sure all our clients are kept up-to-date on all information regarding contagious diseases found in the state and how to prevent exposure to their horses. In order to receive all this information, please sign up to receive emails from Anoka Equine as to not miss any of this valuable information in the coming year.

Starting in 2014 Anoka Equine started a weekly blog. Our blog posts range from fun to informational topics. Informational blog posts cover topics like: why we recommend certain services annually, as well as, medical issues you may face at some point during your time as a horse owner.

First Visit to Anoka Equine – How to check in

000_0250When you arrive at Anoka Equine Veterinary Services for the first time, it can be slightly overwhelming. To ease some of this confusion, we will now discuss how to check in for your appointment. When driving up to the clinic stay left of the building and park in front of the silver gate. At this point, we ask you briefly come inside to check-in with your name and the veterinarian you will be seeing. Once the front office confirms your information, they will page for one of our technicians to open the gate and greet you. When the gate opens, please drive past the lameness pad (on your left with orange cones) and park along side the right side of the lameness pad, facing the lower gate at the bottom of the hill. We ask you park this way so later appointments (with varied size trailers) will be able to get around your trailer. In addition, the lower gate is the best exit to use to get back onto 101 from County Road 37. Once parked, a technician will come and greet you, bring you in to the clinic (if there is available room), and take a brief history of your horse to share with the doctor. This brief history is meant to shed some light on the reason you are visiting us and give the veterinarian an idea of what is going on with your horse to prepare them for the direction we may need to take. At the conclusion of your appointment, the technician will be available to assist in loading your horse while the doctor is writing your discharge. After you collect your discharge information from the front office, the lower gate will be opened for you, and you will be on your way.

We hope this information has provided you with a little more information on Anoka Equine.  We hope to see you in the spring.