Trail Riding Information

By: Ingrid Borkoski, DVM

photoHORSE PASS – (Minnesota State Land) In the State of Minnesota any person, 16 years and older, must obtain a HORSE PASS if riding or driving on DNR state land.  This includes many of the parks enjoyed throughout Minnesota.  Each person needs to have their own signed pass (not each horse) and it must be available for inspection if approached by DNR personnel while on the trail.  Daily ($6) or annual ($21) are available for purchase.  The annual passes are valid for the calendar year, January 1-December 31.  Trail passes may be purchased from DNR authorized vendors (i.e. those that sell fishing licenses), by phone, online or some parks have self-registration on site.  More information can be found at

County parks may also require that each individual obtain a horse pass (separate from the Field 2State of Minnesota Horse Pass). Check the county website in which you wish to ride before heading out. Hennipen County/Three Rivers Park District is one example.  Find more information at .

COGGINS TEST – A negative Coggins test (Equine Infectious Anemia) is required to travel across state lines and at many horse shows.  Some states the test must be within 12 months, others within 6 months or within the calendar year (WI).  Check your destination states requirements before traveling.

HEALTH CERTIFICATE – A certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) is required if you are traveling out of state.  The certificate attests that the horse exhibits no obvious signs of contagious disease on the day of inspection.  In addition some states require permit numbers (no extra cost) on the CVI or additional testing of diseases such as Piroplasmosis.  Each state has different requirements that may change at any time so please check with our office for up to date information.

It is recommended to schedule your health certificate exam no more then two weeks prior to you leaving.  Health Certificates are good for up to 30 days after they are issued.

If you are traveling to Wisconsin from Minnesota a CVI is not required if:

  1. Ownership does not change
  2. The horse remains in the state for no more than 7 days
  3. The animal has a negative EIA (coggins) test from the current calendar year

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