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New Equipment at Anoka Equine

2013 was a big year for Anoka Equine when it came to improving the services that we offer to our clients, specifically in the field. new xray

First, we purchased a new portable X-ray machine, which has proven to be very reliable and extremely easy to use in the field. We spent close to six months researching all the X-ray systems available and have been very impressed with the quality of the images that our new unit performs.  Our focus for adding a piece of equipment like this was to provide better service to our clients and improve the quality of medicine that we can provide to you and your horse in the field.

uSWe also purchased two new ultrasounds.  One of which will improve the quality of our reproductive services that we offer.  This ultrasound will give us the opportunity to perform late stage fetal assessment in the field as well as in the Hospital.  The second ultrasound, that was added, will allow us to perform not only high quality ultrasound of the lower limb, but also full abdominal scans.  Both of these ultrasound units are highly portable, allowing us to be able to offer these serve to you at your facility.

We are excited to share this equipment and the knowledge that comes with it, with you over the coming years.