EHV – Outbreak Update 2012

EHV – 1 Outbreak Update


Since the latest outbreak of EHV-1 in California there has been a lot of information about EHV-1 being posted to all sorts of public sites informing people of this disease. We hope to give you the latest information to keep you informed about this latest outbreak.

EHV-1 (equine herpesvirus – 1 is a viral disease that is spread from direct horse-to-horse contact. It has two forms: one that causes abortions in mares and the other that causes respiratory infections and neurological symptoms. The resent outbreaks have involved the second form (respiratory/neurologic) of EHV-1. The initial symptoms are usually fever and respiratory symptoms (nasal discharge and cough).

Below are several resources with information both on EHV-1 and the last outbreak.


The Horse:

Anoka Equine Article