Is Your Mare Driving You Crazy?

Tired of your mare cycling and dealing with the associated behavioral issues? Do you no longer wish to attempt to control her heat cycles with the use of hormones such as Regumate? Has she lost her marble!?!?!? If this applies to you and you have no intention of ever breeding the mare then there are options to permanently eliminate your mare’s obnoxious behavior.

A common procedure to deal with the issue is to “spay” the mare. This is not like spaying a dog – a procedure where both the dog’s ovaries and uterus are removed. In the mare the term “spay” means to remove just the ovaries. It is the equivalent of gelding a stallion. Usually this can be performed with the mare standing in a stocks, sedated with an epidural for anesthesia. There is no external incision so there is no scar visible. The mare is typically back riding 10 – 14 days after the surgery. Fall and winter are ideal times for the procedure to be performed – the mare cannot be in heat when the surgery is performed. Please contact Anoka Equine and speak to one of our veterinarians for more information.